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We are a student led group who stand up against those who call for the basic human rights of US citizens to be taken away. We believe all human beings deserve these rights regardless of age, race, religion, etc. and will do whatever we can in a nonviolent and peaceful way to make sure these rights are not violated. One of the biggest issues today that violate one of these basic human rights is abortion. Abortion is violating a human beings right to life, it prevents someone from living before they've even had a chance to see the world! This is one of the main issues that our group is aiming to fix. If you wish to join us in our cause, sign up to be a member and we'll include you in our current projects and plans. Also, feel free to check out some of our past and current projects!


The current issue we are working on is abortion, check out our work below!

Contact us

Phone: 443-470-3620
E-mail: LLHRights@